Getting into the hobby of drones

You want to get into drones?

Well, let me tell you how. One of the best ways to get into drones is honestly to buy a simple quad copter, because when you're starting off with drones, you're going to crash. You're going to crash a lot, in fact.

That's okay. You want something that is going to allow you to crash and still keep on going. Something that you can throw against a tree, throw against a wall, and pick it up and just go again. If it breaks, then it's not the end of the world. My recommendations right off the bat for that type of quad are going to be the Ei-Hi S911C, the huge quad copter. The other one that I really like is the Hubsan H107D. It's an FPV quad copter and that's actually the first one that I got when I was starting out. Tell you why, in fact.

Getting my first drone

Here's my story. When I was first starting out I was sick. I couldn't really go outside too much and I couldn't really enjoy the outdoors. I was stuck inside with some illness, and I won't go into the illness because that's not really the important part right here, but I was stuck inside and I wanted to experience the outside as much as possible. I would look out the window, and I was in bed most of the time, wishing I could just be running or biking or doing something outside. I stumbled upon FPV, which FPV stands for First Person View. I found that you could have a drone and you could see through the eyes of the drone as you flew. It just seemed like my outlet to be able to get outside, even though I was stuck in bed.

I looked all over the internet and I quickly find out that to get a really good FPV system it's quite expensive and quite complicated, and I didn't know the first thing about flying a drone. I decided to start as basic as I possibly could. As basic as I possibly could ended up being the Hudson H107D which is one of the best drones you can buy. It's a super small quad copter that allows you to learn how to fly, but also has a camera inside. On a remote control, you actually have a small little camera and that camera allows you to see the entire world through the remote control as you fly. Now when they're selling it online, I thought this was the best thing in the world. It just seemed like there's just too good to be true because the whole thing is under $200. In fact, the whole package is about $150 or so at the time of this writing.
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